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Mal's Chants

Weeping mandragoras and birthing scorpions since 2003

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6 March 1970
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  • maldoror_gw@livejournal.com
Fanfic writer. I wrote a lot in Gundam Wing, as well as Naruto and a smattering of One Piece. This LJ is for my fics almost exclusively. There will be no 'dear diary' type entries.

My stuff is YAOI-FRIENDLY! If you don't know what that means, you can start running away now...

Sure thing, if you want, but so far I've never friend-locked a post (if this policy ever changes, I will be doing masses of Friending myself...). I tend to post pretty regularly on the weekends, but friending me will ensure you don't miss the once-in-a-blue-moon event of my posting mid-week. You can flist me without asking, though a quick and out-of-topic reply to one of my posts to the effect of 'PS: I friended you because I /like your fics/want to stalk you/think you're the anti-christ/ (circle as appropriate)' is always welcome.

Note that I don't use the friend's List myself. The only time I'll friend an account or comm is to access locked content. Otherwise, I go surfing through LJ as the fancy takes me, mainly forums and communities.

PLEASE NOTE ratings on any fics I post. Please do not read mature material if you're considered a minor in country of origin.

Fics are for fun, not for profit. All characters belong to their original creators ONLY.

GW fiction can be found at: http://www.raygunworks.net/maldoror.html and http://www.gwaddiction.com/

Naruto and One Piece fanfiction can be found in my LJ Memories.

Some of it is also on:

AFF.net, when it's not being stupid
http://www.ficwad.com/ under Maldoror

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