Maldoror (maldoror_gw) wrote,

One Piece Drabble: Bouncer's Blues

Title:: Bouncer's Blues
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 300
Pairing: Established ZoSan
Topic: Service

I got inspired by the onepieceyaoi100 topic and that line in Hamon about ties to write this drabble. Enjoy this little piece of fluff and nonsense, and the year 2007 too, while you're at it ^_^

Before I forget, this is an entry linking to all my OP drabbles. There are 2-3 I posted only on onepieceyaoi100 and not my LJ.

Bouncer's Blues

Zeff grinned when he saw Zoro pawing at the noose around his neck. "The dress-code's the downside of working in the service industry, kid."

"I don't work in the service industry." Zoro jerked the goddamned tie loose. "I work in the 'cutting up fools who mess with this restaurant' industry."

"You don't cut up anybody, seaweed-brain. You escort rowdy patrons to the door," said Sanji, doing his trick of appearing out of absolutely nowhere. It was like the Baratie was his own special dimension in which he could move about without checking in with the laws of physics. Head Chef Space.

Fingers -deceptively elegant, strong as hell- wove under Zoro's chin, and the tie gained a new stranglehold. "Like this, moron. You're our doorman. Look the part."

Zoro waited two seconds after Sanji's back was turned to hook a finger beneath the constriction and pull. Then he went to stare at some patrons who may or may not have been planning rowdiness, but who would certainly behave now.

Sanji's fingers on his tie paced out Zoro's evening. The corrections lasted a minute on average yet, oddly enough, Sanji didn't complain. Much.

...In a dark corner of the dining-room, Sanji leaned close to check the knot. "Try not to shame this restaurant."

Outside the kitchen, fingers brushed Zoro's neck and readjusted the thin black loop (the tie was Sanji's).

"I've seen more respectable-looking thugs," Sanji murmured, and flicked Zoro's earrings.

After Zoro tossed a knife-wielding drunk out the door, palms smoothed the skewed tie against his chest.

"It's like dressing a gorilla," Sanji whispered in his ear.

Closing time. A hand reached for the tie and tugged Zoro off towards the Head Chef's cabin

"But you looks kinda good on you, marimo..."

Working in the service industry had its perks.

Tags: drabbles, my fics, one piece
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