Maldoror (maldoror_gw) wrote,

One Piece Drabble: Aftermaths - Chopper

Last of the 'Aftermaths', unless I can think of a good one for Nami (maybe) and Usopp (no clue).

Disclaimer: Don't own One Piece characters and make no money off of them.

AN: You know the drill, this aftermath is two weeks after Chopper's defining event. Once again, because I don't want to dwell on the Twagic Past, but rather on the spirit of determination and recovery the Straw Hats showed when faced with this sort of event, the tone is more humorous than anything else.


Dr Kureha pounded some more monkshood beneath the pestle. "The name of a rabbit disease that infects humans. Causes ulcerations-"

"-flu-like symptoms, sometimes pneumonia and death!" Chopper finished breathlessly. "Tularemia!"


Front hooves clicked feverishly together. "Um-um-um-bed rest and fluids?"

That earned him a cuff with the pestle. "Wrong answer. The survival rate's better with streptomycin, and you can make 'em pay more."

"Ooooooh." Chopper's eyes were wide, admiring pools. "And for the rabbit?"

"Rabbits can't pay."

Chopper looked devastated.

"...But if you kept it warm, it'd probably survive." Sometimes she feared Chopperitis was contagious...

Chopper gestured excitedly. "Ask me another one!"

Kureha rolled her eyes. The few times she managed to drag Chopper away from the books she'd assigned him to read, he'd beg for pop-quizzes instead of taking a break. He wanted to learn it all and he wanted to learn it yesterday. Or two weeks ago, before he fatally poisoned- but that was the past. Kureha hadn't lived a hundred-and-thirty-three years by regretting shit that had already happened, and she'd make sure Chopper was too busy for that. Might even turn the freak into a doctor of sorts...At the speed he was sponging up knowledge from her medical tomes, it wasn't that far-fetched a notion.

"Fine. The patient's nauseous, bloated, tired, says he's thirsty, back aches-"

"Oh, I know! I know!" Chopper held up a proud hoof. "Pregnancy!"

Kureha spilled the iodine she'd been pouring.

She studied the genuinely innocent expression. "Say, do know where baby reindeers come from, right?"

"...From the woods?"

Kureha, with a malicious grin, filled him in at length. Chopper spent the afternoon hiding under the stairs and refusing to pee with 'it'. That'd teach him to learn shit willy-nilly, Kureha thought, adding a book on basic biology to the study pile.


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