Maldoror (maldoror_gw) wrote,

One Piece Drabble: Aftermaths - Luffy

Wrote another OP drabble. Also working on another longer OP fic, and a Naruto (Gaara-centric) fic of similar length. My muse is back, baby...

Title: Aftermaths - Luffy
Word Count: 300
Rating: G
Pairings: Revolves around Luffy and Shanks, with Makino thrown in (the bar owner at the start of the story)

Disclaimer: Don't own, making no money off of it. In fact, paying a fortune for OP manga and anime...

AN: Like the previous drabble, it's situated two weeks after a defining event in one of the crew's life.


“He’s driving us crazy - bouncing off rooftops, wrapping around flagpoles, running up the side of buildings! I've talked to him, but he won’t listen to me.” The mayor was trying hard not to sound whiny, with mitigated success. “Can’t you do anything?”

Makino wiped her hands on a rag. “I've watched him train since the pirates left...You're right; I need to talk some sense into him.”

“Thank you!”

She found Luffy swinging one-handed from a tree branch, up and over. Each rotation stretched his right arm like taffy, bringing that wide grin closer to ground-level; his other hand kept a straw hat clamped on his head.


Predictably, Makino’s interruption resulted in Luffy wrapped around the branch like putty.

“Is it time to eat?!” Luffy asked, once he'd pulled free and bounced to a halt.

Makino shook her head severely. “We need to talk.”


“I know how you look up to Shanks, but what you’re doing is silly.”

Blink blink.

“I’ve watched you train.” Makino had never addressed the boy so sternly; the mayor would have approved. “I’ve noticed how you never use your left arm.”

Luffy gripped the overlarge hat on his head, the rim suddenly hiding his expression.

“Luffy, you still have both your arms. Shanks wouldn't want you limiting yourself because of what happened to him. When you train, use both hands. Become the best pirate you can be, and make him proud. Understood?"

She waited until Luffy nodded, his indomitable grin flickering back to life.

"Good. Now, come eat.”


Makino followed the streak of rubber speeding towards the bar, bouncing off the occasional wall. The mayor wouldn't approve after all, but she’d been as reasonable as she could. Was it her fault Shanks’ hopes for the boy had rubbed off on her too?


Not quite as happy with the way this drabble turned out as the Zoro one or the Sanji one I should post soon, but kid!Luffy is just irresistible. Drabbles are hard, but the 300 word limit is good discipline, as much as it's a pain in the butt :P

Tags: drabbles, my fics, one piece
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