Maldoror (maldoror_gw) wrote,

Diplomatic Relations - Link to all chapters

Since LJ memories aren't that easy to use, I'm making an entry linking to all the chapters of my various multi-parters. It'll be more tidy and easy to read.

Title: Diplomatic Relations
Pairing: LeeGaara
Rating: From PG to NC17
Status: Complete

Part One: The Splendid Diplomatic Blue Beast of Konoha arrives!

Part Two: Sparring Partners

Part Three: Sandstorm

Part Four: Gyre

Part Five: Complicated

Part Six: What are friends for?

Part Seven: Breaking the surface

Part Eight: Season of Ashes

Part Nine: Desert Apple

Part Ten: Fear

Part Eleven: Breaking Seals

Part Twelve: Safe Distance

Part Thirteen: Superficial Injuries

Part Fourteen: Accidental Breakage

Part Fifteen: Dear Gai-sensei

Part Sixteen: Closer

Side Story: Protector

Part seventeen: Seven Days

Part Eighteen: Perfect

Part Nineteen: Binding Ties

Side Story: The Bottom of the Bottle

( Bit O' Crack: Wherein Kankuro's Day Just Gets A Lot Worse...(aka The Talk) )

Part Twenty: Waiting For Morning

Part Twenty One: Love, In Theory

Part Twenty Two: Beautiful Dangerous Creature

Part Twenty Three: Rumours, Lies and Truths

Side Story: A Family Reunion


Side Story: Aftermath

If there's a problem with any of the links, please leave a comment to this post and I'll fix it.

Tags: diplomatic relations, leegaara, my fics
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