August 7th, 2017


Welp, this may come as a shock...

...assuming anyone is still following this LJ.

Many long years has this journal been gathering dust, but I still get the occasional - and very much appreciated - note regarding my fics, so somebody out there may be interested in seeing me pop up again after a ridiculous amount of silence.

Doing great, so's the kid - no longer a spawnlet, now a very tall sprout full of growing independence. Which suddenly leaves me time for myself again, after a number of years of having no time at all. I recently picked up Outlands again, and gave it a poke. If nothing else, I have several chapters written or half written that I could finish up and post in a week or two. I hesitated though. I'm ludicrously rusty at writing, I still don't have all that much time, can I put in the amount of thought and research needed, can I make a commitment to quality and to-

Oh wait. This is the story of a gay salaryman who finds himself shot off into alternate ancient Assyria to fight trash-bots and Egyptians priests. There AIN'T that much thought, research or quality. It was started in a rush of fun, it can finish (hopefully!) that way too.

So expect an update soon, at least that fully written chapter of the next arc. Drop me a line if you're still following. Though I'll post anyway :D It's handy for me to have all my stuff online when I want to check some weird detail my mind suddenly hangs up on in the middle of the night.

Next step: Mastering LJ cuts again.

Well damn, LJ...just...damn...

*catches up on LJ news*

Next step: Mastering LJ cuts again

Next step:
1- backing up as much as my LJ stuff as I can
2- write as steamy a pile of gay PWP as I can still come up with in honor of our new Russian overlords
3- figure out where to migrate Outlands to...
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