May 31st, 2009


OP Fic: The Lazarus Ploy (CP9-centric)

Yes, I still write OP. Or rather, I'm spring cleaning my hard drive and trying to finish off the couple of fics I had half written and not had the time and energy to work on since.

Multiple POV fic, which is rare for me. Also features a somewhat warmer version of Lucci (though this is not immediately apparent) and a different take on Kaku which is in no way supported by canon :P This was initially planned for one of my PWP prompts (this one was for Lucci/Kaku, Rapport de Force, prompt by Jainas) but then story happened, the R-rating dropped to PG15-rated foreplay, and I kinda lost my handle on it ^^; The story still doesn’t have any claim to depth, I hasten to add.

This story is situated some nine years in the future after the current series. This is not related to any other other of my CP9 stories, it's standalone.

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